SIP traces from CUCM in TranslatorX

I was troubleshooting a Cisco TelePresence integration the other day and had to check the traces on the SIP trunk to the VCS.

Since there’s no SBC in between to debug SIP on, I had to make due with RTMT.
In RTMT there’s a function called Session Trace which is pretty good. You can also view or download the Callmanager SDI/SDL log files. However reading the logs with the built in viewer or external text editor can be tedious at best.

Fortunately Cisco has a semi-official tool called TranslatorX. I say semi because it’s not on the CCO download page and it’s not supported by TAC.
This tool can parse the SDI/SDL traces from CUCM and present them in a Wireshark trace style.

Start by setting your CUCM trace level to Detailed.

1. Serviceability -> Trace -> Configuration

2. Select CM Services and then Cisco Callmanager


3. Set Debug Trace Level to Detailed


Start RTMT as Administrator and connect to the CUCM Pub and download the log files.

4. Trace & Log Central -> Collect Files -> Select Cisco Callmanager (all servers)


Click next without selecting any System Services/Applications.


I selected Relative Range to get log files for the last 5 minutes.


5. Open TranslatorX, drag and drop the folder containing the log files from the Download Directory above.


RTMT Session Trace

Downloading the log files and running them through TranslatorX can take some time. If you want to quickly look at a SIP trace I recommend Session Trace in RTMT.

1. Callmanager -> Call Process -> Session Trace


Click on the search result to see ladder diagram.



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