Enable Calendar Presence per user from CLI on CUPS 8.6(4)

After the main integration between CUPS and Exchange is done, each end user must enable Calendar Presence.
In CUPC this can be done from the client, but in Jabber for Windows the user must logon to the CUPS end user page to activate it.

There is no way for an Admin to active it from the GUI, however it can be done from the CLI.

This command works for CUPS 8.6(4):

run sql execute procedure spSetUserCalendaring((select pkid from enduser where userid=’roger’),’t’,’t’)

I’ve seen this command floating around on the Internet:

run sql update enduser set enablecalendarpresence=’t’

But according to Cisco this does not work in 8.6(4) and in earlier versions it does not enable it fully.

Jabber version 9.3 will supposedly have the enable Calendar Presence function in the client.



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