Download MOH files from CUCM via CLI

If you have a wave file that you want to transcode into a G.711 or G.729 format for MOH or prompts in UCCX or Unity Connection you can use the built in function in the callmanager.

Just upload the file and the CUCM will do the rest. There is no way to download the file from the CUCM via a GUI, but you can do it from the CLI.

1. Media Resources -> Music On Hold Audio Source – > Add New and then upload the wave file.

2. SSH to the CUCM and list all MOH files with: file list activelog mohprep/*

3. To download the specific files do: file get activelog mohprep/filename

For example, it’s pretty common to use AnnRingBack.wav as network music on hold. You can get it via file get activelog cm/tftpdata/united_states/AnnRingBack.wav

An SFTP server is required to download the file.


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